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The Northern Ontario Black Economic Empowerment Program


Empowering Northern Ontario's Black Entrepeneurs 


The Afro-Heritage Association of Sudbury received $1.15 million in funding from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Northern Ontario (FEDNOR) to develop the Northern Ontario Black Economic Program (NOBEEP) that supports existing and aspiring Black business owners in the region by providing services to help overcome obstacles in starting and growing their businesses. NOBEEP’s mandate is to support and inspire Black community members, entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as to address gaps and barriers to entry into the entrepreneurship ecosystem. NOBEEP’s mandate will be achieved through one-on-one engagements, networking activities, and events targeting the Northern Ontario Black community.

The Program will be opening its doors at 73 Elm Street, Sudbury, July 2022. 

Visit for more details on the services and resources offered by NOBEEP.

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