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Chantae Robinson MSc.

Chantae was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She moved to Sudbury at the age of 16. She completed a BSc. and MSc. in Biology at Laurentian University and is currently a year 3 MD student at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM University). She is the co-founder of the Northern Ontario Black Economic Empowerment Program (NOBEEP), a federally funded initiative of $1.15M to enhance the economic landscape across Northern Ontario. Chantae enjoys sports, sharing stories with elders, loves being outdoors and sharing a positive light everywhere!


Theresa Nyabeze, P.Eng

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Theresa is an avid Community Organizer. Educationally, she holds a Mining Engineering Degree from Laurentian University, with a few courses as part of a Master’s in Business Program.  In addition to her contributions to technical excellence and diversity in mining, she is a recipient of a Top Forty Under Forty Award, awarded to her in recognition of her role as a community change maker in the Greater City of Sudbury.  Additionally, in 2020 she was awarded “100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women for 2020.” Theresa is a Senior Mine Specialist at Vale.


Dr. Oluremi Ogundimu

Dr. Oluremi (Remi) Odulana-Ogundimu, originally from Nigeria, holds the esteemed position as one of the founding members of AHA. Her dedication is evident in her role as the organization's inaugural president from 2005 to 2013. Having served as a pediatrician in Sudbury for over three decades, Dr. Odulana-Ogundimu has made significant contributions to the community.
Over the years Dr. Remi Ogundimu has received honours and accolades in recognition of her outstanding achievements. She was the first woman to serve as the president of the Canadian Association of Nigerian Physicians and Surgeons (CANPAD) 2013 - 2015. She was presented with the Canada 150 Community Service Award in 2017, and was honoured as One of the 100 Accomplished Canadian Black Women at its inaugural ceremony in 2016. Locally, she was named Woman of the Month in 2018, by the Business and Professional Women’s Association of Greater Sudbury. Additionally, she received an Honorary Doctorate of Sacred Letters from Huntington University in 2021.
Not only did she fulfill a vital role within AHA, she also served as the president of the Sudbury Multicultural and Folk Arts Association. Dr. Odulana-Ogundimu finds immense joy in collaborating with AHA to celebrate and share Afro culture and history. Her efforts extend to fostering connections among people of African descent and other cultural groups in our community.

Dr Adegbite.jpg

Dr. Andrew Adegbite

Dr. Andrew Adegbite, originally from Nigeria, also holds the esteemed position as one of the founding members of AHA, who dedicated several years as Vice-President. With a distinguished career, he practiced Neurosurgery in Sudbury for almost 35 years and has been retired for nearly five years. Dr. Adegbite remains unwavering in his commitment to empowering people of African descent in the broader community. His focus on education and entrepreneurship, coupled with fostering unity regardless of origin, reflects his enduring dedication.

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Dalton Palmer

Dalton Palmer, originally from Jamaica, serves as a federal officer at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Beyond his professional role, he is a devoted man of God with a passion for cooking. An avid reader, Dalton delves into Christian literature and politics, reflecting his diverse interests. Known for his genuine love for people, Dalton finds joy in assisting those around him in various capacities.


Suzanne Sardinha

"Suzie" hails from Trinidadian heritage and brings a wealth of professional experience in corporate organization, event planning, and assisting newcomers in various capacities.


Robert Nanka-Bruce

Robert is of Ghanaian and Chinese decent. He is a Finance Administrator at Community Living Greater Sudbury based in Greater Sudbury, Ontario

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